Lightening Strikes Twice For The Lil’ Angler II and Colby Hastings

The last fishing report I wrote was called “Sometimes you are the windshield and sometimes you are the bug”.  Base on the title of this article, can you see where it is going?  Yes we landed another whopper last night.  This fish was also caught by Colby Hastings of Seaford DE, but we have a little different ending.

The day started out with the LIL’ ANGLER II departing her berth in Anglers Marina loaded with fresh surf clams from Joe at Lewes Harbour Marine.  The 3:40 departure was a little later than I wanted but all worked out well.  We arrived off of Slaughter Beach and surprise, there were 3 boats and one was almost right on the spot I caught our fish from on Saturday night.  Plan B again, we fished a little further North in about 16 feet of water right along a steep drop off.  Clams were shucked and lines were set.  Fishing today was with a purpose, redemption from Saturday night.  With me were Seth Hastings of Seaford DE, his brother Colby, John Meredith of Lincoln DE, and the Mate Jonathan Masten of Milford DE, all fished with me on Saturday when we almost set an IGFA record.  After Saturday, everyone on board the LIL’ ANGLER II understood all the IGFA rules for an All Tackle Length Live Release.  The rules were reviewed again anyway.  The first hook up came about an hour after settling in, and was a clearnose skate caught by John and then Seth added a smooth dogfish.

A short time later John sees something playing with the bait, and reels down, fish on.  After a few minutes of fighting the fish with a little give and take, John lands a 34 in black drum.  Not the size we wanted but the right species.  In the cooler it goes.  The current slacks up and begins to ebb, the boat began to swing and it was time to move and reposition.

The LIL’ ANGLER II is re-anchored and riding tight on the anchor line.  After about 45 minutes, the boat in front of us hooks up and lands a puppy.  The fish are booming all around us and the fish finder is lit up with fish.  The current is picking up and it’s Colby’s turn to hook up and land a 26 pounder, in the box he goes.  It seemed like keeping whole fresh bait on the rods was impossible.  All rods were showing signs of very lite nibbles.  Seth finally gets a hook in one, and after a short fight, it’s brought aboard the boat, pictures are taken, and into the coleman goes the boomer.  This fish is 40 inches.  John, Colby, and Seth all have a fish on ice; and it’s time to get serious.

It’s now 10:05, and Colby picks up a rod and feeds a little line to the fish at the other end.  Reel down tight and fish on.  The fish takes line, Colby gains it back, and this back and forth lasts for 25 minutes.  Everyone remembers Saturday night, and careful attention is paid to the IGFA angling rules.  Colby gets the fish to the side of the boat and the fish wants nothing to do with us and our net.  The fish is finally beaten into submission and the Mate, Jonathan Masten, nets the beast and lifts it over the side.  There is no doubt that this is the drum we wanted.  The fish is quickly placed on the IGFA ruler and it comes in at 124 cm.  No tie tonight, this fish beats Dr. Julie Ball’s fish by 3 cm.  Photos were taken in accordance with the IGFA standards, and the magnificent fish is released.  Handshakes and congratulations all around.  We fished another 30 minutes and called it a night knowing it would be an early morning with paperwork to be done.  Thursday morning the anglers and crew gathered at Lewes Harbour Marine to get last night’s bounty cleaned, and for Colby and me to complete the application for IGFA record consideration.  The paper work was completed, notarized, and the entire package was delivered to the U.S. Postal Service.  It is now over except for waiting to hear from the IGFA.  If you are interested in chasing monster fish give me, Captain Brian, a call at 302-430-3414, or send an email via my website at