Capt. Brian

Captain Brian Wazlavek has been fishing since his early childhood on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. His love of the water led him to enlist in the United States Coast Guard in October 1981 and retired November 2005. Capt. Brian brings a unique philosophy to charter fishing “create a fisherman for life.” This applies to young and old alike. Capt. Brian takes an educational approach to his fishing, not just showing you the how, but answering the why. Capt. Brian is not secretive about his techniques or his locations.

Capt. Brian started charter fishing in the spring 2006 and has been running charters or mating ever since. Capt. Brian was the first and currently the only IGFA Captain in Delaware. During the summer of 2010, Capt. Brian started tagging sharks for the Apex Predator Program of the National Marine Fisheries located in Rhode Island. Tag and release shark fishing has become Capt. Brian’s specialty.